The Best Shower Filters With Reviews 2018

Shower filter has been very prevalent in the bathroom with showers. This has tons of benefits which can keep the users healthy and joyful. The shower filter can remove the chlorine, reduce the soap scum, maintain the moisture, prevent the dry skin and dry hair, as well as make the water odorless.

The most recent shower filter help to balance the level of the better bathing experience. Not to mention that these will remove the chemicals in the shower water.

Why Do You Need Shower filter?

It is a question often asked by folks who are considering to purchase the best shower filter in the market. Well, the reason is pretty obvious. We already mentioned that shower filter have important functions. One of them is to get rid of the chlorine.

Chlorine is Maleficent. When it sticks to the skin and hair, this will lead to the allergic reaction, dryness, itching, flaking, and even premature skin aging. Chlorine gas or substance can be absorbed into the skin and can affect your overall health.

The Media Used for Shower Filters

Activated Carbon
Activated carbon is the most common media to be used for shower filter. The activated carbon filters will help to remove the odors, smoke, chemicals, and germs as well. Depending on the quality of the filter, you will need to change the filter on the frequent basis. The formal manufacturers will usually give a suggested time frame for changing the shower filter in your bathroom.

Each product may have the different lifespan. However, the most common time frame is once per year. The time frame will be lesser if you have more pollutions in your neighborhood. For the chlorine resistance, it holds the chlorine instead of removing it.

A popular type like Aquasana 2-stage best rainfall shower filter adds Granular Activated Coconut Carbon filter media to reduce the synthetic chemicals in the water.

The coconut granulated carbon is a superior level of the carbon and considered as the most working in term of absorbing chlorine and other chemicals. The coconut-based carbon in the shower filter enhances the ability of the shower filter to neutralize the harmful chemicals and substances from the shower.

Granular Active Carbon or GAC is by far the most popular media because it is cheaper and easy to manufacture. It was primarily made of charcoal from wood and coal. But with the commencing of the coconut based carbon, the GAC has been once shining again in the market.

The multi-stage filters on this media will be included in the most recent models of the shower filter. The filter is an amazing product. It will make you away from the harmful substances and chemicals.

KDF media is also one of the most used media for shower filter. This media will purify the free chlorine through an electrochemical process. The media is not compromised by the high water temperature.

Unlike the activated carbon, KDF does not hold the chlorine. On the contrary, it turns the chlorine into harmless substances. KDF is also anti-bacterial and repellent to the fungus and mildew development within the shower filter.

There is also Chlorgon which is non-carbon media. A bit different from KDF, it merely removes the chlorine at a wider range of the temperature than other shower filters. We’d like to note that chlorine and KDF have the upsides. It can inhibit the growth of E Coli, mold, and other impurities. By using these media, you could have clearer and chlorine-free water. The Perks of shower filter for copper, lead, and chlorine. Ones should note the dangers of copper and chlorine for your health if you are not using the good shower filter.

The shower filter for chlorine and copper can give wellness and beauty benefits to the users. Believe it or not, showering with chemical substances can be more dangerous than drinking them. As mentioned, during the showering, the chemicals like chlorine is absorbed into your skin.

Then the chemical will enter your bloodstream and affect your health quicker than if you drink it. The chlorine shower filter is very popular not only because it prevents the harmful substances to enter your body, but it also has such beauty properties.

As we mentioned, Chlorine dries the skin and hair. Therefore, chlorine can change your hair’s natural color. The reason is very sensible. Chlorine is bleaching your hair. So, every time you take a shower without a good shower filter, you are literally bleaching your hair. That explains why your hair color does not look very good after showering for a long time.

The best filtration shower filter can protect your health and appearance at the same time. When the chlorine is gone, so is the smell of the water. As the result, you will enjoy the refreshing and odorless water coming from your shower head.

Meanwhile, copper can also affect your members of the family. Although it does not have significant effects on adult, it affects children. If your children swallow some copper, they will be at risks. Shower filter will remove the copper so that the water will be safe for your kids.

Then there is the lead. Lead is heavy metal which is not safe for consumption. Although you are using your water for showering, there’s a chance that you accidentally swallow a small portion of the water. Well, it will be bad if the lead content is so high. Depending on where you live, the lead level can be varied. But there is no level of lead is safe for consumption. So, you won’t want to take the risk at all. The best spray shower filter will save you from troubles.


New Wave Aromatherapy Diffuse Ring Shower Filter


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Believe it or not, your body will absorb more chlorine through skins and lungs than while drinking the tap water. If it is left untreated, this will bring the downsides to your health. The chlorine exposure to the lungs for a long time will affect your lungs health, as well as overall wellness. Chlorine is Maleficent. It also strips the protein from your skin and hair. That explains why your hair and skin can be dry after showering in public spots. AS we know, public facilities do not have good water filtration system so that the chlorine will still contain in the water.

You can start being healthier by picking the right new wave environs shower filter for you. It comes with the most recent technologies which can help you to filter the water so that it is safe to be used by you and your family members. Now the new wave environs shower filter also comes with the aromatherapy ring which will turn your usual bathing experience to the spa experience.by using this new wave environs shower filter, there is no reason for you to leave your house to enjoy the spa service in your town.

The design of the new wave environs shower filter is universal so that you can install it to any types of showers. There is no plumbing skills and high-end tools to install the filters. You can install it with your bare hand in no time.

The sophisticated filter can remove the chlorine gas and contents and prevent it to be absorbed by your skin.

If you have vibrant hair color, you won’t have to worry anymore since the bleaching effect will be gone, thanks to the new wave environs shower filter. The diffuse rings, as mentioned, will spark the soothing aromatherapy in your bathroom. It is definitely a great experience that is seldom to be enjoyed by all people.


Facts and Figures:

  • Aromatherapy ring
  • Improves dry skin and flaking scalp
  • Fits standard showers and requires no tools or special plumbing
  • 12 months regular use
  • Prevents breathing chlorine gas or its absorption into the skin


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100% KDF-55 Material (8 oz.) to Safely Shower Filter


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The wench pure shower filter can alter all the symptoms of the well water that you use for showering on the daily basis. You know, the well water is known for its sediments, heavy metals, bacterial, and other non-friendly content.

That’s why you sometimes notice that your skin feels itching and drying. If the water contains chlorine, this will also have the bleaching effect on your hair, fading the natural or vibrant color of your hair.

To prevent those symptoms, you could use the good quench pure shower filter. The quench pure shower filter works well in removing the water contaminants and other elements.

It uses the KDF 55 to neutralize the chlorine in the water. The design of this wrench pure shower filter is universal so that you can install it in any type of shower head. Some versions also include the compact hand-held to ease you to use the shower.

The filtration system is also good in removing the mold spores, heavy metals, as well as algae.

The replacement of the cartridge is also easy. However, opening the outer casing can be challenging depending on the water characteristic in your environment.

Back to the KDF 55. It is the working filter medium for the enhancement of hot water filtering for chlorine. Moreover, it is also effective to remove the other unwanted contaminants.

The quench pure shower filter has the great standards to deal with the chlorine water. While other filters may have mixed reviews in term of water filtration. The best wand shower filter has such excellent reviews which set it apart from its competition. With the purified water coming from the quench pure shower filter, you will be sure that you can take the benefits of your showering on daily basis. The result is obvious. You will have healthier and softer skin.

Facts and Figures:

  • 100% KDF-55
  • Hot-water chlorine filtration
  • Revitalized skin and hair
  • Soften and purify the water
  • Install in a minute without any tool
  • Replace every 6-8 months
  • 180 days money-back warranty


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Replacement Cartridge for Shower Filter


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If you are sticking to the Aquasana shower filter, chances are you need the replacement when the time has come. You may be able to find the filters in any usual stores which comes in different brands. But it is always recommended to purchase the original replacement filter from the original brand.

The thing is that not all filters are created equal. And if you already have the Aquasana shower filter, why not use the genuine replacement only? Not to mention that non-certified filters will not deliver the satisfying result as you’ve seen in the best rain shower filter.

With the Aquasana shower filter replacement, you will take the same benefit as the original products. Plus, it will not be hard to replace the filter with the same brands. You will not need any special tool to install the Aquasana shower filter. You can just twist, remove, and replace. Even though that it is your first time to replace the filter, you can follow the guidelines in the manual to do it correctly.

The NSF Certified filter can help you to remove the harmful chlorine and purify the water. This will reduce the skin’s exposure to the harsh chemicals which can cause your skin itching and dry.

The unique design of the Aquasana shower filter can prevent the clogging, increase the water performance.

Facts and figures:

  • NSF logo
  • NSF Certified Media
  • Removes over 90% of chlorine in shower water.
  • 10,000 Gallons
  • 6 Month Filter Life
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 90 Day Guarantee


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Replaceable Cartridges Shower Filter


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The sun coo shower filter comes with the best perks that you really need for the modern shower filter. You know that the impurity of the water is inevitable. It is your turn to prevent the affecting chemicals from entering your life.

The best mount shower filter can do the job by removing the chlorine, heavy metals, and other water impurities.

This will help you to protect your skin and lungs.

By focusing on the multi-stage filtration system, it focuses the KDF 55 and calcium sulfite filtration to do the process in removing the chlorine, heavy metals, and impurities.

The sun coo shower filter will reduce the skin disorders such as eczema, dry skin, sensitive skin as well. The water will be kept in term of the PH balance. It can be the best cartridge shower filter that you can find in the market.

The sun coo shower filter is compatible with any shower head, handheld shower, as well as shower combo.

Facts and Figures:

  • Filter life up to 13200-gallon water
  • Each cartridge will last for 6 months
  • Shower filter apply to normal water pressure and standard tap water resources,
  • water temperature should be controlled at 4C – 80 C
  • Can be used with shower head, handheld shower or shower combo
  • Easy installation without any tools.



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